About TRG

TRG is a privately owned UK based technology company established in 2011.

TRG service the €30 billion secondary-use device market through proprietary technology rooted in automation, AI, and analytics — whilst having an uncompromising approach to quality, performance, data security and environmental standards and impact.

TRGs tech-driven unified platforms help partners to extend their supply chains within the circular economy to maximise their sustainability efforts but at same time build exceptional value for their customers and shareholders

Global Offices

Device Market

Fleet of Drivers

The Requirement

The need to optimise the routes for their deliveries and collections, whilst improving fleet efficiency and customer experience.

Driver Application

By providing the TRG drivers with the XY mobile application, TRG were able to use the XY Platform to optimise their deliveries and collections for the day. The jobs were instantly sent to the drivers device first thing in the morning in an efficiently sequenced order. A few simple clicks and the driver is able to navigate to delivery point, take a POD photograph or signature as well as scan a barcode powered by the App. All this information is provided back in real time to TRG operations.

xy locate

Customer Interaction

XY helped TRG with a seamless flow of real-time information from the driver application feeding instantly to their customers. TRG's customers knew exactly the current status of their delivery. By maximising TRG's customer visibility, it helped enhanced their satisfaction. Happy customers mean more business for TRG.

Real Time Tracking

TRG looked to XY as they wanted to seamlessly track the present, whilst being guided by the past and importantly being able to predict the future. The XY Platform enabled this by proving TRG valuable data gathered in the field by its workforce. The data is centralised and reported on, creating an environment where future decision making is driven by intelligent data. The XY Platform gave the operations team at TRG the power to manage on exception, with automated incident and on-time tracking. This all helped TRG make real time decisions to get the most out of their resources.

xy locate

Sam Hargreaves, CEO of  Technology Recycle Group

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