Manage, plan, and optimise your courier fleet

For any Courier company the key to a successful and efficient operation is VISIBILITY – the ability to see in real time what is happening on the ground and how that translates into performance.

Only by having clear VISIBILITY can you make informed decisions.

  • Track your courier fleet in real time
  • Predictive optimised route planning
  • One view map interface
  • Customer notifications in real time

Driving your efficiencies

Once you have a detailed view of the real drivers of your business then you can optimise processes to better deliver real efficiencies.

  • Automated delivery route optimisation
  • Accurate predictive ETA’s
  • Real time EPOD
  • Real time customer feedback
  • Driver Analysis report – a summary of driver’s routes

Less CO2 Emissions

Reduction in Operating Times

Increased Number of Deliveries

Decrease in Number of Failed Deliveries

Reduction in Operational Costs

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Are these your pain points?

  • Identifying the most optimal route?
  • Mapping it with the correct delivery sequence
  • Factoring in real-time constraints (traffic, weather, diversions)
  • Escalating fuel costs – need to reduce empty miles?
  • The need to achieve better ETA accuracy and communication?
  • Lack of Control room visibility?
  • Broken communication?
  • Lack of route deviation tracking?

These are but some of the operational problems encountered on a day to day basis – let us help you maximise your potential. Achieving cost-optimised on-time deliveries in a climate of rising market competitiveness and customer expectations is a challenge. At XY we address the cost and performance constraints with our flexible cutting-edge XY platform.

We give you the competitive advantage.


“It was incredible… I tracked the delivery to my front door. I was notified when the driver was on his way and then I could monitor his progress on my phone. “

– Jarryd Vliegenthart, customer


Achieve your business objectives

In order to achieve the dual objectives of operational cost control while ensuring faster deliveries, route planning and optimisation is the key differentiator. Our intelligent route planning is a key enabler to achieving your desired service levels and impacting your bottom line. We reduce the complexity through intelligence driven automation. When you handle deliveries at scale, there are multiple variables that can negatively impact, so seamless event automation is critical.


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