In-depth reporting

Gives you the ability to drill into each important metric


Intuitive data display

Intuitive data displays allows for quick and easy decision making


Customised dashboards

Your own custom dashboard to suit your unique business demand


Better data

Data that directly relates to your bottomline by harnessing cost reductions

Harness your data to improve decision making

XY Analytics helps any business harness the data collected throughout the supply chain process to deliver reporting and intelligence, promoting informed decision making and enabling continuous improvement and eventual automation.

This vital data is continually updated from each individual operation allowing full customisation to achieve maximum benefit. This knowledge allows for businesses to make educated decisions which automatically affect their bottom line and continuously improve their existing distribution.

The benefits of XY Analytics

Better information for business decision making

Immediate identification of issues

Allows for continuous improvement

Streamline of operation by identification of bottlenecks

More accurate reporting

Data driven decision making

“I can just log onto my app whenever I need an update on my operations or too track critical financial stats.”

– Christina, supervisor

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You can't manage what you cant measure

We provide all the tools you need to report, analyse and action on critical business data.