Numerous in-field data capturing methods

The flexible XY CONTROL App allows you to track task completion in real time - through signing on glass, sending a photo, scanning a QR or barcode with date & time stamps.


In-field incident notification

Know your in-field status for any task of action with pre determined incident notification triggers.


Completely digitised operation

Customize and automate your workflows from start to finish - no manual interventions.


Improved resource utilisation

Maximise your efficiency and productivity by ensuring all tasks are completed according to schedule , with minimum time and cost incurred.

Benefits of XY Control

We are all about making invisible visible. About providing actionable intelligence, so you become a data driven business that delivers against customer expectations.

If you need to manage your Field Force, whether they are Technicians, Agents, Reps or anything in between – then XY provides you with CONTROL – the ability to dynamically manage and optimise tasks and schedules in real time.


Features of XY Control

Task management

Continual task evaluation and prioritisation based on location analytics an resource availability.

Task & Work order consolidation

The system will consolidate all tasks and work orders and distribute them to the field force staff based on dynamic criteria, such as work load, location, and route.

Dynamic route planning

Dynamically plan the routes of you mobile field force and compare actual routes to planned routes on our visual map interface.

Task tracking

With geo-tagging and time stamps we have instant records of where & when a task was executed by each member of the Field Force.

Field force visibility

Track your Field Force in real time on our map interface.

Cloud based solution

All data is stored in the cloud and operate in offline mode.

Instant notification

Provide real time updates/notifications to your Field Force.

Live map view

Monitor all your Field Force  visually in real time using our Map interface.

Proof of service

You will need to provide proof of task completions to your customers, so you can record images, signatures, location (geo-co-ordinates) and date & time in order.

Task verification

Capture date & time stamp the completion of each task , and upload photo’s in real time using the mobile app to ensure accuracy and accountability.

Dynamic re-routing

The platform’s routing algorithm continually reviews all the critical parameters, such as the customer’s location, traffic & weather conditions and vehicle capacity

Route planning & optimisation

Know where your Filed Force are in real time against their prescribed schedule and route.

Dynamic job dispatch & routing

Add new jobs on the fly or change the task and it instantly updates on the your field worker’s drivers phone.

Scalable solution

There are no limits to the number of Field Force personnel or groups that you are managing in real time.

Hardware agnostic Android solution

No expensive hardware needed, as the solution is hardware independent based on  a Android application.

Digitised feedback

Incidents in the field are digitally captured in real time, enhancing the reporting leg.

“The mobile app has dramatically reduced the amount of time I need to completely my daily tasks, meaning I can do more in less time.”

– Colin Giles, field engineer