Reliable parcel and vehicle tracking

Allowing users to follow each products' journey from start to finish


Interactive client platform

At the touch of a button your customers can have real time access to delivery statuses


Address validation

Our geo-coding ensures with 100% accuracy that the delivery address is correct everytime


Customisable mobile application

Easily design a flexible and specialised application for your business

Visible Intelligence

We are all about making the invisible visible. About providing actionable intelligence, so you become a data driven business that delivers against customer expectations.

Our mobile app-based parcel tracking and proof of delivery system is the most configurable and flexible end to end  solution available – from address validation with reverse geo-coding, resource scheduling, route planning and optimisation it provides you with real time visibility from start to finish.


Features of XY Locate

Real time tracking

Track your courier vehicles current location, speed and distance anytime, anywhere.

Live map view

Monitor all of your vehicles visually in real time against your prescribed route on our Map Interface.

Intelligent scheduling

The platform dynamically adds/subtracts/re-allocates jobs based on the drivers current location.

Geotags & time stamps

We have instant records of where & when a delivery took place.

Real time ETA

Our route optimisation engine provides real time updated ETA’s to you and the customer based on changing conditions.

EPOD Verifictaion

Capture date & time stamped signatures and photo’s in real time using the mobile app to ensure accuracy and accountability .

Instant notification

Provide real time updates/notifications to your customers. Automatically send pre-delivery message with ETA.

Dynamic job dispatch & Routing

Add new jobs on the fly or change the delivery/collection instructions directly to your drivers phone.

Works offline

The delivery/collection schedule is cached on the phone so the driver can continue to operate in poor coverage areas.

Tap to call

Drivers have instant customer access by simply tapping on the in App button to call the customer for assistance or confirmation.

Dynamic re-routing

The platform’s routing algorithm continually reviews all the critical parameters, such as the customer’s location, traffic & weather conditions and vehicle capacity

Route planning & optimisation

Know every vehicles load capacity, the optimal route schedule, time to each destination and the ability to dynamically re-route to meet changing business demands.

Scan QR & barcodes

Scan barcodes to check any job or capture serial numbers off a parcel.

Scalable solution

No limits - track an unlimited number of drivers/vehicles.

Hardware agnostic solution

No expensive hardware needed, as the solution is hardware independent, running on Android.

Cloud based solution

Flexible, efficient, secure and scalable

“The quality of my operational data has improved dramatically, as I can monitor exactly what’s happening out in the field and my reports are always accurate.”

– Lizzie, service manager

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