Bike Week – How XY's Lee Morgan ditched the car and hasn’t looked back!

With bike week upon us, there is no better time to discuss how our MD has made the switch from driving to cycling to the office, to not only better the environment but better his self-development!

We asked Lee what his thinking was behind the switch.

“I’ve always been an avid cyclist, having competed in some endurance events including Ironman triathlons, that said, I’ve always been an avid motorist driving my short 6km journey to work daily and enjoying the warmth, comfort and music within a car.

I first decided to cycle in due to school traffic congestion on my drive. The 6km journey was at times taking 20mins to get door to door. One day I got so frustrated I decided to see if I could channel my anger and do it quicker on my bike. Low and behold, almost an identical time from door to door but much more exhilarating. I enjoyed it, but have to admit, getting a full sized road bike in and out of the office with cleat shoes on etc was also a bit challenging considering how short the ride was.

I’ve always marvelled at the ingenious engineering of a Brompton bicycle, a folding bike so compact it slides under a desk. With the money I was saving by not driving decided to treat myself.

The benefits of commuting with a bike are vast. I’ve been able to trim up, loose weight and extend the rides as part of my training. I am reducing my carbon footprint by powering my transport with my legs as well keeping the air cleaner and less polluted (not sure my sweat particles count). I’ve been able to explore more around me and take in what’s there. One of the biggest benefits for me is the mental health side. It’s just me on my bicycle with my thoughts. I’ve started listening to self-development podcasts with my jawbone headphones and have begun really utilizing that time on the bike to better my mental state.  The money I’ve saved has been tremendous and the ride really gets the blood pumping for my arrival at my desk. To anyone who hasn’t tried it, just try it once! I promise you wont look back!”

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XY Locate - Presence in Turkey

XY Locate - Presence in Turkey

We are delighted to announce XY Locate have entered into an exclusive partnership with Logiwiser to represent us in Turkey.

Turkey’s location, bridging continental Europe with Asia and the Middle East makes it the perfect logistics hub for companies operating on a global scale. This factor in tandem with the significant economic growth the country has experienced over the past decade make it an attractive market for our product offering.

Logiwiser have a plethora of experience in assisting organisations across an array of industries to enhance their logistics and supply chain operations. As a company that have a detailed understanding of the Turkish logistics market, we are excited for the opportunities that XY Locate and Logiwiser work on together.

Soner Türker - Founder of Logiwiser